Monday, July 31, 2006

Recorder for WATiR

Scott Hanselman and Rutger Smit, improved and re-released the original WatirMaker with new name WatirRecorder++. Its a Windows Application that compiles and runs on .NET version 1.1. So to run this recorder you need to have .NET framework 1.1 installed on your machine. Upgraded version for .NET platform 2.0 will be released soon by the authors.

You can download the tool here.

Also check out Ruby version of WatirMaker.


Santosh said...

Would it be possible to get a tutorial on the Firefox + Watir combination? I came across some HTML info. that said I have to use Selenium?

Not sure how to proceed. My Watir installation does not have the technical documentation on this. Please do help if possible.

Angrez Singh said...

Hi Santosh,

I have project called FireWatir hosted at I haven't uploaded the code yet will be doing that shortly. Meanwhile, you can checkout the code using SVN from
You can also see the discussion on FireWatir at watir-mailing list.


satish said...

Hi Angrez ,
i have installed watir 1.5.2
one line in my code is

for the above line i am getting following errors
i).invalid char \224 in expression
ii).unknown regexp option -g
iii)invalid char \224 in expression
can you help me

vidya said...

I need some info about WATIR recorder++. I installed it and am able to record watir scripts but it does not record actual button clink so I cannot use the recorder.Please provide me with the link where I can download and find some tutorial abt same.

rumi said...

Hi ,

Please tell me if Watir recorder tool can be downloaded using .net 3.5 version or not ? and if not why? As all the features availbale with .NEt 1.1 is present in latest .Net versions